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Delta T

delta T is since more than 20 year one of the market leaders providing cold chain
packaging solutions for life science industry. The company produces thermal
stabilizing elements and insulated containers to maintain life science products
at specific temperatures. These products are used to transport blood products,
organs and pharmaceuticals that require stable temperatures to maintain their life
saving and life-giving properties.

From a small insulation bag for clinical trials up to complete pallet shipping-systems
to send temperature sensitive goods around the globe. delta T products are trusted
by a great number of customers such as global forwarders and pharmaceutical
wholesalers. Accuracy and sustainability are only a few of a number of
philosophies lived at delta T’s environment.

In addition, delta T offers a range of temperature monitoring systems to record and
document temperature profiles of production, storage and life science payloads.

Our new myThermoScan IOT platform allows online tracking and alarming of any
temperature sensitive shipment worldwide.

Customers include the biggest forwarding companies as well as pharmaceutical
manufacturers and military institutions. With systems for blood donation and simple
short-time transports in hospitals and laboratories the product range covers all
needs of life science industry.

Constantly growing delta T supplies companies and government agencies in 83

As a manufacturer delta T can easily adapt to customer’s requirements and supply
consulting in R&D projects to serve the best solutions possible. Moreover, delta T
can engineer tailor-made OEM transport solutions for clients.
delta T is located in the centre of Germany close to Frankfurt Main airport.
We have cooperation partner with storage capabilities in Asia and the US.

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Transport solutions for temperature-sensitive medical products – delta T