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Vienna AirportCity

The Vienna AirportCity is a business accumulation at Vienna International Airport consisting of 250 companies active in a variety of industries, such as cargo and logistics, aviation, startup communities, consultants, smart city services and more. All have grown heavily in importance during the last 10 years.

Within the Vienna AirportCity there is a large cargo community (Vienna AirportCity Cargo World) handling any sort of air freight with outstanding quality. There are cooled areas, protected areas, warehousing… and there is a brand new 1,600m2 Pharma Handling Centre with landside and airside access.

Due to the extensive scope of destinations reachable from Vienna, the Vienna AirportCity has also become an important conference and meeting location. The Conference Centre, called ‘Vienna AirportCity Space’, was built to be a melting pot for innovation and exchange in the Vienna AirportCity. As demand has grown, the venue is now a place to be for companies from all over the region. The reason is the feel of curiosity vibrating through the entire area.