FlyPharma Europe

This year, FlyPharma Europe will take place in Vienna! The city’s central position in Europe makes it an ideal location to host industry professionals, foster important conversations and connect delegates from across the world.

Why Vienna?

FlyPharma Europe chose Vienna for its latest conference due to the growing presence of Austrian biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Over the past 30 years, Vienna has been at the heart of exciting scientific developments and life science research. Organizations such as Vienna BioCenter are making their mark as one of the top biology research centers in Europe with major breakthroughs in epigenetic and DNA research in recent years.

Additionally, Vienna Airport has an outstanding pharma handling facility in its cargo handling center with cargo route connections to a global customer base. Vienna Airport is a gateway between East and Southeastern Europe, making it an ideal base for product transportation. Furthermore, Vienna Airport is one of the very few airports in Southeast Europe that offers direct end-to-end pharma handling services of this quality. This allows for greater quality control, providing solutions to a number of supply chain challenges.

FlyPharma Europe will take place in Office Park 4 within the Vienna AirportCity: an excellent example of how airports are adapting to form community and business hubs where industry professionals connect, providing a first-class office, conference and cargo space that helps businesses thrive. It is located within walking distance to the passenger terminals: something very few airports can offer.

Office Park 4

Vienna AirportCity Cargo World

Getting There

Office Park 4
Vienna AirportCity
1300 Wien-Flughafen

GPS coordinates: 48.1231° N, 16.5618° E

Air: Many guests use the non-stop offers of international airlines to come to Vienna. Austrian Airlines also offers several direct flights a day to the capital city. Book online and secure a low-cost ticket with Austrian Airlines.

Vienna Airport App: The free app offers up-to-date status reports on arrivals and departures as well as information about the airport. It can be downloaded in German and English from the App Store or Google Play.

Train: The Vienna Central Train Station is the most modern and important national and international transportation hub in Austria. All of Austrian Federal Railways’ (ÖBB) long-distance trains stop here and at the Wien-Meidling station a bit further south. Linking the west, south, north and east lines creates two opportunities to switch trains. Nearly every long-distance destination served by the ÖBB can be reached with a maximum of one change of trains. Railjets and Intercity Express (long-distance) trains coming from the west also go to the Central Train Station, meaning a change to one of the southern lines takes no time at all. State capitals Bregenz, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Klagenfurt, Linz and St. Pölten are connected directly to Vienna’s airport via the Main Station.

Getting to the Main Station and Wien-Meidling Station is easy with public transportation. They can be reached from any subway or rapid transit railway station in Vienna in under 30 minutes.

City Airport Train (CAT): With a travel time of only 16 minutes, the CAT is the fastest non-stop connection from the airport to the city center of Vienna. Lean back and relax at the highest level of comfort, service, reliability and personal customer service on board.

Tickets on the CAT start at €14,90 for a single journey or €24,90 for a return, valid for 6 months.

By entering FLYPHARMA23 on participants of FlyPharma Europe receive a 10% discount on all CAT tickets. This code can be used until 12 October 2023.

Car: Parking is available for delegates at Office Park 4. Further details will be made available soon.

As tolls are compulsory on all motorways and expressways in Austria, you will also need a vignette to use Vienna’s city motorways. You can find detailed information on the toll charges here. The route planner will help you find the best way to Vienna.

Bus: The well-developed public bus network of Postbus brings you from the surrounding provinces to Vienna safely and in comfort.

Vienna AirportCity

The Vienna AirportCity is a business accumulation at Vienna International Airport consisting of 250 companies active in a variety of industries, such as cargo and logistics, aviation, startup communities, consultants, smart city services and more. All have grown heavily in importance during the last 10 years.

Within the Vienna AirportCity there is a large cargo community (Vienna AirportCity Cargo World) handling any sort of air freight with outstanding quality. There are cooled areas, protected areas, warehousing… and there is a brand new 1,600m2 Pharma Handling Centre with landside and airside access.

Due to the extensive scope of destinations reachable from Vienna, the Vienna AirportCity has also become an important conference and meeting location. The Conference Centre, called ‘Vienna AirportCity Space’, was built to be a melting pot for innovation and exchange in the Vienna AirportCity. As demand has grown, the venue is now a place to be for companies from all over the region. The reason is the feel of curiosity vibrating through the entire area.

Extending your stay in Vienna?

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