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FlyPharma Asia: Integrating the Pharma Supply Chain

FlyPharma Asia: Integrating the Pharma Supply Chain

The FlyPharma Conference Asia wrapped up on 6 March, after two days of collaborative discussions that explored the future of the pharma supply chain. The event was held at the Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel, looking out towards the Hong Kong International Airport. The conference marked the first time that a FlyPharma conference had visited the Asian region and it successfully brought together stakeholders with a global perspective to discuss issues relevant to all sectors, but with a particular focus on the Asian market.

The conference saw close to 100 stakeholders, from various points of the supply chain, converge to share knowledge on how the industry is adapting to the numerous challenges facing the transportation of pharmaceutical products – from the developing complexity of new products, such as biological drugs, to the increasing number of regulatory challenges and more straightforward issues, such as reducing tarmac time for pharma goods.

It was an event that also saw Hong Kong International Airport awarded with IATA CEIV Pharma accreditation, an occasion that saw a number of press representatives attend to cover the story, from both local television news channels and local newspapers. The award demonstrated just one example of the ways in which the region is rapidly adapting to global expectations on securing the pharma supply chain.

Attendees of the event were also afforded the opportunity to visit Hong Kong International Airport’s buildings, where Cathay Pacific Cargo showcased its capacity to track pharma goods as they entered storage facilities. A number of different ‘reefer’ units were revealed to visitors, as well as the cold rooms that hold the goods during transit. The Hong Kong Airport Authority exclusively revealed further plans to expand the airport’s ability to transfer cargo more efficiently from the runaway, with a commitment to working closer with logistics and pharma companies.

It was a fitting showcase of action on the part of one authority to meet the central theme of the FlyPharma event: ‘Integrating the pharma supply chain’. Another association that presented a similar message was IATA, with the organisation’s Assistant Director, Ronald R. Schaefer, speaking on the need for the air cargo industry to improve its competency, across all stakeholders, to ensure that the strengths of the industry could be maximised – he referenced the speed at which freight can be delivered by air but also that, currently, more temperature excursions happen during air transport, compared to by sea. It was this objective analysis, seeing the strengths of the industry, as well as the ways in which it could improve, that allowed for a balanced perspective across all of the presentations.

FlyPharma events are marked by this desire to answer the tough questions facing the industry, across all regions. This is why FlyPharma Europe will return for its fourth year in Brussels on 5-6 June, and expand to hold its first event in North America, with FlyPharma US taking place in Miami on 11-12 September, both in 2018. FlyPharma Asia will also return in 2019 – date and location to be confirmed soon.

This means that FlyPharma events are now featured across three continents, and attendees can use the international experience this attracts to build connections that will allow them to navigate the toughest challenges now facing the industry.

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