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Pharma Logistics Integration: Fact or Fantasy?

Pharma Logistics Integration: Fact or Fantasy?

PartnerSave’s Alan Kennedy cautions that it is all too easy for companies to simply put a supply chain integration strategy in place and then forget about it – a truly collaborative approach demands a whole lot more…

You already have an integrated pharma logistics supply chain. Don’t you?

Of course you have. It’s been in place for years.

You’ve got the policy. You’ve got the software. You’ve been on the course and got the boardroom certificate. You’ve bought into the rhetoric and adopted the jargon. You’ve even told your suppliers!

So that’s it then.

Or it would be. If integrated working was just a passing fad. Or yet another management quick fix.

But it’s not. In a world of complex supply chains and rapid change, the concept of supply chain integrity is as fundamental to your business as product quality, production efficiency and financial control. You know the adage: companies don’t compete – supply chains do.

When it comes to a more collaborative approach to pharma logistics, the need for greater integration is beyond question. But pharma logistics integration doesn’t just happen. It needs patience, planning, perseverance and a whole lot more.

For an insight into the whys and hows of pharma logistics integration, check out Alan Kennedy’s presentation at the FlyPharma Conference 2015 at London Heathrow on 9-10 September. Delegates will receive a free copy of his five-part discussion paper: Strategic Pharma-Logistics Partnerships: Medicine or Snake-Oil?