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In healthcare, it is all about saving human life and improving the quality of it for every individual, potentially including all of us, and by making it work all together. In a highly international, multi-cultural and multi-skill environment, leadership can only succeed when mastering “the art of collaboration”, connecting people from all walks of life into networks working together to accomplish specific goals. Globalisation requires strong collaboration, and we can improve collaboration by being brave, open to others, positive, and present in the now. The Latin root “collaborare” means “work with”. If we are ambitious that our industry will be taken seriously in the long term, it needs cross-industry pollination across the entire life science supply chain and logistics community to develop better skills, with best outcomes, as “skill shelf lives” shorten rapidly and “skill velocity” increases at light speed. This will become the biggest threat to the future growth and success of companies.

During the workshop, the group of delegates will be randomly divided in workgroups that need to work on a totally “unexpected” issue in healthcare logistics. After a short case presentation, they will be asked to work together to provide the correct approach based on their task packages, in which they will face: 

  • How can we learn to identify a real threat from a perceived one?
  • How to stop whining and complaining, but rather start analyzing and acting?
  • How to be present in the moment in order to be open for collaboration? 
  • How to pay attention to the unspoken message, how to analyze communication signs and respect each other’s words?
  • How to comfortably have the courage to step outside of your comfort zone and admit it? 

Moderator: Frank Van Gelder, Secretary General, Pharma.Aero