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Brussels Airport’s CEO invites you to FlyPharma

Brussels Airport’s CEO invites you to FlyPharma


In advance of his introductory welcome at FlyPharma, Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport Company, offers an invitation to all potential delegates.

Dear all,

I am delighted to invite you to Brussels Airport for the FlyPharma Conference, a unique occasion for the pharmaceutical and aviation industries to strengthen existing partnerships and identify new joint opportunities.

Over the years, Brussels Airport has developed extensive experience in shipping pharmaceutical and temperature-sensitive products. Together with its own logistics partners and IATA, the airport has developed a standard for end-to-end integrated cold chain, the IATA CEIV certificate.

In 2014, Brussels Airport became the first airport in the world where all companies involved in the cold chain were CEIV Pharma certified.  With airports such as Miami in America and Mumbai in Asia following Brussels Airport’s example, CEIV Pharma certification is now used worldwide and we can begin to talk of a global alliance to make cold chains a reality. This is not only a great asset to the pharmaceutical industry; but also to the patient whom the product is ultimately intended for.

Cooperation between the various logistics partners is crucial in establishing cold chains at an airport. At Brussels Airport, all freight companies involved work together in a cloud, so that data from each shipment or package can be viewed by all partners in real time. What is more, the quality status of a pharmaceutical shipment is displayed on the dashboard and can therefore be monitored by each partner.

The cloud and the associated app are being constantly developed, with a view to sharing yet more data or facilitating processes such as the booking of shared materials. We believe it is only natural that we consistently go the extra mile in the interest of our pharmaceutical, biotech and other customers.

Driven by the large, world-renowned pharmaceutical cluster in our country, we continue to innovate to further optimise temperature-sensitive transport on tarmac. For example, we took it upon ourselves to develop the Airside Pharma Transporter, which protects pharma shipments against extreme temperatures during transport between warehouse and aircraft. With its solar panels, the Transporter is not only energy-neutral, it is also more efficient – allowing for a greater number of transportations per day.

The Airside Pharma Transporter is gradually being commercialised to the great satisfaction of all partners in the pharma logistics chain. And other airports have already shown interest in our innovative means for temperature-sensitive transport. I also invite anyone with an interest to take a look at how the transporter delivers added value to our pharmaceutical companies.

The freight industry’s appreciation of our efforts to develop customer-driven innovations was highlighted by Brussels Airport recently receiving the award of Best Cargo Airport in the world, and this for the fourth year running – a unique achievement!

This conference promises to be an inspiring event where new ideas and insights will undoubtedly lead to further collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry and the aviation sector. I wish everyone a fruitful and inspirational FlyPharma Conference and I hope to see you there!

Arnaud Feist
CEO Brussels Airport Company