FlyPharma Europe


Welcome to SkyCell, the pioneering Swiss company revolutionizing global pharmaceutical logistics by providing cutting-edge temperature-controlled hybrid containers.

Powered by data-driven technology, SkyCell SECURE the supply chain operating system, optimizes the pharmaceutical supply chain by reducing and predicting the risk of damaging valuable cargo. With an industry-leading temperature excursion rate of less than 0.1% and a profound reduction in CO2 emissions, our innovative approach has been validated by leading pharma companies and trusted by major airlines.

As sustainability remains at the core of our values, SkyCell’s reusable hybrid containers cut CO2 pollution by up to 50% and reduce landfill. With every shipment, we are doing our part to save emissions and chart a positive way forward for the pharma industry.

Join us on this transformative journey as we revolutionize the pharma supply chain industry through innovation and sustainability.