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How to find your next industry partnership at FlyPharma

How to find your next industry partnership at FlyPharma

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A lot of industries claim to be global, but few rival pharma for its sheer international scale. Manufacturing in the Far East, research and development in Europe, and clinical trials in West Africa and Central America: the pharmaceutical industry does, and indeed must, cross continents to achieve its goals.

This globalised world that pharma occupies offers many opportunities, but also numerous challenges that must be overcome. In a commercial environment where profits are all important, the idea of collaborating with your competitors is almost unthinkable.

As Hugh Williams pointed out so well in last week’s blog, collaboration should not only become thinkable but the norm in the industry. The pharmaceutical supply chain has many stakeholders, but a more inclusive approach yields better results. For a medicine to reach a patient, a complex process must occur. To fully ensure that the treatment reaches a patient in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner, no stakeholder in this chain can operate in a bubble.

Research has shown that fostering these partnerships enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to obtain “opportunities to access resources, knowledge and information” that they otherwise may not have. When the emphasis is shifted from exclusivity and more towards an open-minded approach, the benefits are clear.

This idea underpins the FlyPharma Conference. Built on a sense of collaboration and sharing of best practice for mutual benefit, the event is the perfect opportunity to not just discover how this can boost your business, but also find that next industry partnership that will streamline your process and give added benefits straight away.

The conference is designed to fill you in on the latest innovations taking place in the pharma industry, with expert speakers talking about how they’ve transformed their supply chains into well-oiled machines utilising the likes of big data, regulatory insights and information sharing.

Delegates from across pharma and logistics, including cold chain and cargo experts, will come together over the two-day conference, with plenty of opportunities for discussion and debate.

Pharma industry delegates can exploit this opportunity to the fullest by using the dedicated FlyPharma networking events to try and gauge what offerings could most benefit their companies. The networking dinner that closes Day 1 of the event in the beautiful Sheraton Hotel is undoubtedly the highlight of these opportunities. Over the course of a three-course meal and drinks reception, you can make the key contacts and that crucial industry partnership that can offer real value to your business going forward.

If research and development is a race to the top, then the pharma supply chain should be a marathon where stakeholders support each other to cross the finish line at the same time – far more than the sum of its parts. As LPS point out, an adaptive, connected supply chain possesses “the flexibility to continually sense and respond to the challenging environment in real time, without compromising operational and financial efficiencies”. The supply chain doesn’t need to be such a complex challenge when transparent, collaborative work can make this job infinitely easier.


Deputy Editor at Pharmafocus.