FlyPharma Europe

Simona Ravera, BDP International

Director of Sales – LifeSciences&Healthcare EMEA – Business Development Solutions

After approx. 18 years spent in Panalpina, Italy covering various roles in Operation, Account Management and Marketing&Sales, in January 2016 Simona joined BDP International with the role of Director of Sales LifeSciences&Healthcare, Europe.

Simona has over twenty years of experience in the forwarding industry, in all sectors.

The last twelve years have been dedicated entirely to the LifeSciences&Healthcare industry, as an expert in cool chain management for logistics and international transportation.

The role of Simona in the company is to translate BDP’s capabilities into values for customers acting as Industry Vertical Expert / Advisor.

Recently, Simona has participated in various initiatives promoted by industry associations like Pharma.Aero, and has been also nominated as coordinator of the technical committee of Pharmacom Italia.

She speaks fluent English and French in addition to Italian native language and a basic knowledge of Spanish.

Simona is based in Milan, Italy. She is married with two children. She likes cooking, traveling and she is a national instructor of Nordic Walking.

Simon Ravera will be taking part in a Pharma.Aero panel discussion on ‘Quality Management Systems in Air Cargo Life Science at FlyPharma Europe 2022.