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Yaniv Sorany, International Air Transport Association

Senior Manager IATA Certification

Yaniv Sorany is Senior Manager IATA Certification at IATA and the global head of the IATA Certification. IATA certification services enable companies to demonstrate that their systems, products, processes or services are compliant with air transport regulations, standards and best practices, and that they constantly improve to deliver optimum performance and quality throughout the supply chain.

An experienced professional with 20 years in the aviation industry with a demonstrated history of working with airlines, airports, ground service providers and freight forwarders worldwide. Strong skills in product management with a proven track record in the management of assessment, auditing and certification and training programs and in the development of sustainable solutions.

Yaniv’s expertise over the years has included worldwide responsibility and leadership as the product lead of the Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV) certification in the area of special cargo transportation by air including pharma & healthcare, perishables and live animals.

In addition, Yaniv was the product lead for the faculty of cargo and logistics studies and end-to-end learning transformation at IATA Training. Yaniv managed many training consultancy projects and supported organization with the development and implementation of the entire training systems including training strategy, programs and contents. Yaniv has a wide knowledge and skills in training needs analysis for organizational, operational, and individual levels including the design, development of competency-based training and assessment and its implementation.

Yaniv has a wealth of knowledge in solving complex problems creatively and innovatively, passionate about understanding customer needs and matching optimized solutions. He believes in building trust through transparency and a deep understanding of the customer’s interests and motivations, a true win-win believer.

Throughout his career, Yaniv has demonstrated the skills and abilities to manage complex projects in difficult and challenging environments while displaying a high sensitivity for cultural differences and making customer satisfaction the highest priority.