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Fabrice Panza, Etihad Cargo

Manager Global Cool Chain Solutions

Fabrice has over 25 years’ experience in sales and business development. Prior to embarking on a career in the aviation industry, he was an Instructor Officer in the French Army.

Fabrice began his aviation career as a Station Commercial Representative at Air France in 1998. After four years, he relocated to the regional headquarters as Head of Studies and Statistics, where he developed analytical tools that helped steer sales.

In 2008, he joined Air France KLM Cargo, initially to oversee Sales for Eastern France and later held a position within the France Sales Management team until 2012. In 2013, he was appointed as Sales Manager & Developer France of the Air France KLM Pharmaceutical Group, where he set up a vertical organization while being involved with local Pharma Associations (SFSTP & Pharma Logistics Club).

In January 2017, he took on the role of Head of Product & Development for Pharmaceutical Logistics, where he led the global product team that supported the sales and operational departments in focusing on high-end, time and temperature-sensitive, pharmaceutical and biotechnology products. In January 2019, Fabrice assumed global responsibility for Quality under GDP/QA Pharma and launched a performance program enhancement and investment for cool chain products.

Since joining Etihad Cargo in May 2020, Fabrice has led both Pharma and Fresh high-value goods segments.

Fabrice holds a License level in History, and several distinction awards within sports, the military, foreign languages and in IATA Quality and Risk Management for Temperature Controlled Cargo.

Currently based in Abu Dhabi.

Fabrice Panza will be taking part in two Pharma.Aero panels at FlyPharma Europe 2022: ‘Quality Management Systems in Air Cargo Life Science’ and ‘Sustainability Innovations on Cooling Technologies, Packaging, and Advanced Digital Systems to Improve Sustainable Pharma Green Lanes’Find out more here.