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Managing Director, Co-Founder

Merle Fuchs is Co-Founder and CEO of PRAMOMOLECULAR GmbH, a biotech startup based in Berlin. PRAMOMOLECULAR develops therapeutics based on short interfering RNAs (siRNAs) to downregulate oncoproteins in lung, pancreas, and skin. She benefits from her scientific background as a micro- and molecular biologist as well as from her previous experience in setting up “TechnologieContor”, a consulting company for high-tech start-ups and innovative grown-ups with a focus on business development and financing. Merle Fuchs is Co-Founder of seven other high-tech startups.

Merle Fuchs will be taking part in a panel discussion on Disruptive Innovation: New Solutions to Key Pharma Supply Chain Issues at FlyPharma Europe 2022.

She will also speak at FlyPharma Europe’s Pre-Conference Welcome Reception at BIO CITY LEIPZIG on 19 September, asking the audience: “Is there a gap between biopharma and logistics?”. Visit for more information about this event.